Instructional Design Training

5 Weekdays Contact Sessions

Duration of Certification – 6 weeks
July 2017 Jul 12 to 16
Aug 2017 Aug 9 to 13
Sep 2017 Sep 6 to 10
Oct 2017 Oct 4 to 8
Nov 2017 Nov 1 to 5

2 Weekends Contact Sessions

Duration of Certification – 6 weeks
Jul/Aug 2017 Two weekends
Sep/Oct 2017 Two weekends

eLearning + Project Work

Flexible Sessions
Duration 6 to 8 Weeks


Courseware Development


4C helps organizations take right decisions regarding selection of courseware and training delivery.

Our experts can suggest the most suitable type of training delivery for your setup - instructor-led, computer-based, web-based (e-learning), video-based or electronic seminars. At times the best training could be hybrid or blended.

We develop custom courseware for ILT, CBT WBT, electronic web- based seminars and web-based presentations with voice and animation.



Courseware conversion from one format to another is also undertaken. Click here to know more.