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Instructional Design Training

5 Days Contact Sessions

Duration of Certification – 6 weeks
Feb 2018 Feb 13 to 17
Mar 2018 Mar 13 to 17
Apr 2018 Apr 24 to 28
May 2018 May 8 to 12
Jun 2018 Jun 19 to 23

4 Days Contact Sessions

Duration of Certification – 6 weeks
Feb 2018 Feb 10 to 13
Mar 2018 Mar 29 to Apr 1
May 2018 May 25 to 28

eLearning + Project Work

Flexible Sessions
Duration 6 to 8 Weeks



Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) careers


Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) partner with 4C for the following tangible benefits:

  • As SMEs, you do not need to recruit expensive training /e-Learning professionals, instead invest in your core business.  
  • Our experienced professionals assist you in developing appropriate blended learning solutions.
  • We take ownership of planning your training programs, content development, identifying instructors for classroom sessions, tracking participation, assessment, and making this information available to you as and when you need.
  • With training available anytime and anywhere, your employee and customer confidence improves.
  • This results in rapid skill enhancement in new products and technologies and improves your organizational competitiveness.
  • Builds knowledge repositories and fosters sharing of information.  
  • Customer organizations realize better ROI consistently by proper implementation, support, and optimum usage of product features.
  • Ensures brand and skill enhancement through certification of employees, partners, resellers and customers.
  • Induces the spirit of learning and growth in the organization.
  • Creates a culture of Knowledge Management in the organization.

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