Instructional Design Training

5 Weekdays Contact Sessions

Duration of Certification – 6 weeks
Apr 2017 Apr 12 to 16
May 2017 May 10 to 14
Jun 2017 Jun 7 to 11
Jul 2017 Jul 5 to 9
Aug 2017 Aug 2 to 6

2 Weekends Contact Sessions

Duration of Certification – 6 weeks
Jun/Jul 2017 Two weekends
Aug/Sep 2017 Two weekends

eLearning + Project Work

Flexible Sessions
Duration 6 to 8 Weeks


Digital Conversion


Manuals, Books and Engineering Drawings 

On-Line Product manuals

At 4C, we develop CD and web-based product manuals, handbooks and user manuals. We also web-enable existing manuals, which are in print form. Continuous maintenance of existing documents for correction, changes and addition of content is also undertaken.


Release Documentation

4C develops new product release documentation and new version release documentation for both product or service offerings. We can constantly update the same, as per the requirement.